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Protect Yourself, Protect All That You Love.
Defcon Protection Dogs.

Providing Highly Trained Protection Dogs To Los Angeles and Bay Area, California.

Why Choose Defcon Protection Dogs?

Defcon Protection Dogs is unlike any other.  Most Protection Dog companies have dogs in stock and try to fit you to their available dog’s needs.  We are completely against that concept.  We want to find the dog that fits YOUR needs.  We will cater to your needs, and will not try and force a dog to match your lifestyle.

Stay Dangerous With A Defcon Protection Dog

Step 1

Assessment and evaluation

What Are Your Needs?

The process of owning a world-renown Defcon Protection Dog begins with an evaluation of your situation.

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Step 2

We find and train the right dog for you.

Getting The Right Dog

After we have evaluated your needs. We will find the right dog for you and train it to the highest level.

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Step 3

The home integration.

Integration and Handler Training

We will bring your new Defcon Protection Dog to your house and train you!

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Bringing Your Family Safety and Confidence

With the rising rate of crime in California, don’t be an easy target. Have a Defcon Protection Dog guard your back.

A DefconDog Can Be The Security and Extra Set Of Eyes You Need!

Protection Dog Training

Training your Defcon Protection Dog is a very in depth process that includes socializing, exposure and behavior training.  Depending on your needs, your canine will need to be socialized with many different people and creatures.  This will ensure that your Protection Dog is not a loose cannon and will be safe with family members. 

Your dog will also be exposed to the different environments that are important to you.  Whether you are an avid hiker or boater, your dog must see these environments in training to ensure that they are the right match for you. 

Lastly, behavior training.  From the bitework to “roll over,” it is our job to make certain that your dog obeys all important commands coming from you.