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We Offer Canine Personal Protection Training In The Bay Area.

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In an age where personal security is of high importance and where crime is prevalent, the most effective way to defend your family and home is with an effective home protection dog.

The deterrence of an imposing and well trained dog is a security measure like no other. All of our philosophies and training is built from experience and learning from the highest level competitors in the sport dog world, as well as from a demand for the highest caliber police K9s available.

Our selection process for home protection dogs ensures that they will be a social, trustworthy, and reliable member of your family.

Many of our home protection dogs we bring into our kennel have already achieved a respected and highly difficult title in the Dutch KNPV dog sport.

This title, called a PH1 (Politie Hond 1), typically takes up to 3 years of training for a dog to obtain, and the dogs have been trained to a high level since they were puppies.

In addition to the vast amount of skills the dog acquires in training for its PH1 certificate, we also do extra training with the dog while it is with us and after it comes to you. Please contact us for a more detailed description of the training that goes into the dog.

Purchasing a Home Protection Dog – How It Works

Step 1: Evaluating Your Needs
The first step in deciding to purchase a home protection dog is evaluating your personal needs. We will discuss with you what you are looking for and we will further inform you of our process and answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding the dog and training. Once you have decided that bringing a dog into your home is right for you, we will require a deposit, at which point the process of selecting the perfect dog for you begins.

Step 2: Selection Process
This process, which we will describe in detail to you, may take some time, typically around a few months. What makes our company special is that we do not keep an inventory of dogs waiting to be placed in a home. Instead we figure out what your needs are, and then find exactly the perfect partner to fulfill those requirements.

Step 3: Bringing the Dog into Your Home
Once we have found a perfect dog for you needs, we begin training you how to properly train and handle the dog yourself. Although the dog is highly trained, in order to ensure the dog stays at that level of perfection, we must teach you how to work with it. For a select period of time you will be training with us.

After this, we strongly recommend continuing to train the dog with us to maintain all of his skills. Law enforcement officers are required to maintain 16 hours of training per month with their police dogs, and we recommend maintaining a similar standard with your dog.

Need Dog Training? Contact Spectrum Canine today. Click here for a free consultation or call us at (510) 629-9494.

After all this is complete, you now have a happy and friendly family companion who is also capable of protecting you and those you love.

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