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3 Common Dog Training Mistakes Pet Owners Make


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It is common for new dog parents to complain that their puppy is being stubborn and does not respond to or learn even the most basic things they have been trying to teach them for a while. However, in many such cases, it is not the dog who’s to be blamed. The owner is most probably not doing it right in the first place. Dog training mistakes are all too common. They cannot only lead to a dog’s disengagement from training sessions, but can also have a negative impact on their psychology, behavior, and overall personality. They can even sabotage your relationship with your pet friend.

The wise approach would be to hire a professional dog trainer, especially if you’re new to dog parenting. But, if you’ve made your mind to train your new pet on your own, make sure you do not make the following some of the most common dog training mistakes:

1. Inconsistency

Believe it or not, inconsistency in training (or teaching a command) not only leaves dogs confused, but also frustrate them. At worst, it can further reinforce undesirable behaviors in dogs because they don’t know what they should do and what they shouldn’t. So, they end up doing whatever they want.

Whether you’re teaching your pup a command or giving him basic obedience training, make sure to be consistent with your instructions; don’t tell your dog that he can’t do something and then let him do the same thing the other day.

2. Negative Attitude

 Imagine if you’re trying to learn something new and someone keeps telling you that you’re doing it all wrong? You would feel terrible, right? You may even lose heart and stop trying at all. It may also shatter your confidence.

The same can happen with your dog too. And as highlighted by Penny Leigh, the manager of AKC GoodDog! Helpline program, it can make your dog stubborn and ignorant to your commands. Negative attitude and harsh discipline can also cause fear, anxiety, and/or aggression in dogs.

Avoid yelling and punishing your dog or even using discouraging words. Give the poor soul enough chances to learn new skills.

3. Command Nagging

Command nagging is the professional term for repeating cues and it is another dog training mistake a fairly large number of new pet parents make.

When your dog doesn’t follow the command first time and you continue to repeat it over and over again, you’re basically teaching your dog to not follow the command the first time. In fact, you’re teaching dog a new command – the new, repeated cue. For example, if you say come and your dog doesn’t come to you and you repeat the command five time, your dog would believe the cue is come, come, come, come, come. He would stop responding to the first cue and would wait for you to repeat it five time before responding.

These are some of the most common dog training mistakes people make, especially when they are new to pet parenting. Make sure you avoid these mistakes to forge a strong bond with your new pet.

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