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If your dog is experiencing a form of aggression, it is essential that you take care of it as soon as possible. The longer you let it manifest, the more severe and complex the issue becomes.

Most of the aggression cases that we see are stemming from a root of fear or uncertainty.

Through balanced training and counter conditioning we can modify the dog’s behavior. Behavior modification is the most complex training process that we offer, because not only do we have to cover the normal structure and obedience, but we are also trying to change the way the dog looks at the world.

In order to deal with most of these aggression cases, we typically recommend our longer and more intense eight week Immersion Program.

This will give us ample time to work with the dog at their pace correctly. We realize that it is a long time away from home, but serious issues require patience and trusting the process. In some cases we strongly recommend a follow up with a few private lessons post Immersion Program in order to assure that the transition back to home is smooth.


Reactivity is something That is commonly confused with aggression. Reactivity is when the dog portrays an act of aggression out of frustration; usually on leash or on the other side of a barrier. Most of these dogs are actually friendly with other dogs in a social setting, but the restraint of the leash causes and outburst similar to aggression. The severity of your dog’s reactivity will determine the route of training.

Immersion Program Importance:

We have many owners that request to do private lessons with their aggressive dogs. Please understand that dealing with an aggressive dog is a long and complex process that can be dangerous. Some dogs will be far too stressed in the private lesson setting to even begin the behavior modification process.

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