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Crate training is one of the most important skills you can teach. Having the ability to use a crate with your dog is essential. The end goal is to have a dog that is comfortable in his crate for extended periods of time.

We use the crate to help manage behaviors that are causing issues. First off, separation anxiety. If a dog is uncomfortable away from their handler, the use of a crate can encourage calm behavior. This is the single most important tool while working with anxious dogs.

Crate training also is the best tool for potty training puppies. Naturally, puppies do not soil their living quarters. The use of a correctly sized crate can make potty training a breeze.

Set your dog up for success. Every dog has a different energy level and reacts to being alone differently. Instead of risking destructive behavior or your dog digesting a foreign object, have your dog in a crate. It could save their life!

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