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Police K9 Training


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At Spectrum Canine we start with selecting the highest quality dogs available from sources across the world.

We train k9 dogs for police work.

By combining superior dogs with high level and modern training techniques we are able to deliver a product that is far superior to the vast majority of police K9 services available, with higher levels of control and reliability.

What separates us from the rest is that we are constantly striving to learn new methods of training that can improve our repertoire of techniques so that we can continue to offer the best training on the market. We pride ourselves on not being a mass vendor.

We do not have hundreds of dogs waiting for a department to select them; we make it our job to search the world for the perfect canine for each individual department and handler. We realize that every department has their own specific needs. We make it our duty to select the quintessential candidate and maintain it to the highest standard during it’s working career.

Dual Purpose Police K9:

This will be a dog that has passed the selection process described above, and will have received countless hours of training prior to beginning the basic handler class. This allows the new handler to begin the training school with a dog that already has a solid understanding of the basic skills required of him. Therefore the handler can focus on learning how to handle the dog, rather than having to teach the dog the bare minimum during the school, leading to a more enjoyable and efficient learning process. The six week basic handler school is mandatory upon purchasing a dual purpose dog.

The price is dictated by the quality of the dog and the amount of training he has received prior to purchase.

Cost: Contact Us.

Single Purpose Detection Dog:

This will be a dog that has passed the above selection process, excluding the bitework portion. This dog will also have received hands on training in whichever detection discipline that is chosen by the department (i.e. narcotics or explosives) prior to beginning the basic handler school.

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Services and Training

Six Week Basic Handler School: This school is for the handler and dog to learn how to perform together and become a proficient team. The handler and dog will receive continual hands on instruction from two instructors and training in all aspect of patrol and detection work, and gain an understanding on how not only to handle their dog, but also how to continue improving the basic set of skills the dog already has. The course ends with POST certification in both patrol and the chosen detection work by an independent POST certified evaluator.

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Maintenance Training:

A minimum of 16 hours per month of training is recommended to maintain a street ready and reliable police K9. This training shall be broken up into weekly four hour training sessions for optimal results with the dog and handler team.

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