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Service dog training is something near and dear to our hearts. There is so many organizations and companies that are out there to SCREW over vulnerable and uneducated person looking for a service dog/ to have their service dog trained. We are committed to recommending WELL bred service dogs and provide the actual training of real tasks while abiding by ADA laws. Our trainers have been working with service dogs, specifically guide dogs, for years and are very keen on teaching reliable tasks that work in the real world.

All of our trainers have experience with competitive obedience to some degree. This allows us to have the top notch skills needed to produce pristine and crisp behaviors. Service dog handlers should be able to rely on their dog anywhere and everywhere with no excuse.

Typically with service dogs we push teams to do an Immersion Program to start with Private Lessons to follow. If the situation is correct, we can do public access work in lessons but specific task training will almost always be done in an Immersion Program setting.

Some of the tasks we are experienced with:

  • Retrievals
  • Deep Pressure Therapy
  • Alerting (many kinds)
  • Opening/Closing Doors
  • Forward Momentum
  • Interruptions
  • Turning on/off switches
  • Dragging items
  • Mobility Assistance
  • Service Dog Selection:

The secret to a great service dog is great selection. We have very few trusted breeders that we work with in order to supply the best dogs. Setting service dog teams up for success is our goal.

Starting off with the right genetics makes life and training SO much better. If you need help finding the right service dog let us know. It is much easier to start on the right step than have to replace a dog once you have built a bond and put serious effort into training.

Purchasing a trained service dog is also possible. Contact us for more information. For More Information Call Now (510) 629-9494 or Request A Free Consult.

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