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7 Natural Ways to Prevent Your Dog from Eating Poop


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If your pet dog exhibits unsavory behavior like stool eating, you are right to be worried. There are many reasons why dogs eat their poop, but the most important thing is figuring out how to correct this behavior. If you are trying to help your dog stop this worrying habit, this post will list many techniques you can rely on. Even though home remedies can be effective, the guaranteed way to correct this behavior is by seeking our excellent dog training in Fremont.

Improve Your Dogs Diet

If your dog is looking for food in an unlikely place, the chances are high that their current diet does not meet all the nutritional needs. When improving your dog’s behavior, a high-quality, well-balanced diet should be the first step. The most common reason dogs eat poop is their cravings for a particular nutrient. You can consult your vet for dietary recommendations. 

Clean Up After Your Dog

The most obvious way to prevent your dog from eating poop is by ensuring you pick up the droppings immediately after they are done. It is also vital to ensure that your dog is well secured and carefully supervised during walks. Dogs that eat poop are more likely to eat other non-food items, which may harm them. 

Try Home Remedies

Stool eaters typically suffer from a hydrochloric acid deficiency which can be addressed through several home remedies. You can put a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar (for every 25 pounds of body weight) into your dog’s food. Alternatively, you can put digestive aids like raw zucchini and meat tenderizer in the food. 

Supplements with Digestive Enzymes

When older dogs eat stool, it is usually a sign of a reduction in the efficiency of digestive enzymes due to aging. Buying your pooch some digestive enzyme supplements could help them properly break down their food and absorb all the nutrients.

Mineral Supplements

Mineral deficiencies can also cause stool consumption in dogs. There are many mineral supplements on the market that you can buy. It is advisable to consult your vet when buying supplements for your dog. 


Feeding your dog pineapple snacks will prevent them from eating their own stool. Pineapple helps to break the habit because it makes the poop acidic and unappealing to your dog. Pineapple snacks deter many dogs with stool consumption habits. Try it today!


Did you know that pumpkins offer your dogs multiple health benefits? Try feeding your dog canned unspiced pumpkins and observe the benefits. The pumpkin will keep their tummy full, promote urinary tract health, and prevent diarrhea and constipation. Pumpkins are a safe bet when trying to offer your dog the nutrients they are searching for in their stool. 

Even though enzymes, vitamins and minerals are essential to your dog’s health, providing them in excess may be harmful. Ensure you involve qualified professionals at  to help you make the best choices for your pet. 

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