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Beginners Guide: A Checklist of Dog Supplies for Your New Fur Kid


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So, you have finally decided to bring home a little bundle of joy and become a dog parent. Congratulations! You’re signing up for a fun-filled journey and lifetime loyalty. You may want to bring your fur kid home today. But, have you got your home ready for the new member and have all the supplies you will need to raise a pet?

To help make this transition to a new life as smooth as possible for both you and your pet, here we’re providing a comprehensive checklist of dog supplies for new pet parents. So get your hands on them to be fully prepared for everything that comes with owning a dog and savour every moment with your fur baby with peace of mind.

  • Good-Quality Dog Food – To keep your pet happy and healthy
  • Dog Treats – To show your appreciation for their good behavior
  • Food Bowls – To serve food and water
  • Leash and Collar – For safety during daily walks
  • ID Tag – To ensure you’ll find your pet back in case it gets lost
  • Flea and Tick Collar – To help keep the nasty pests away from your pet
  • Crate – Many professional trainers and experienced pet owners recommend to crate train your dog. It also helps prevent accidents until your dog isn’t fully trained to do the business outside or at a designated area.
  • Bed and Bedding – To make sure they sleep comfortably
  • Blanket – To keep them warm and cosy during winters
  • Food Mat – It helps make the cleanup after meals easier
Things you will need for pet dog
  • Dog Toys – To keep your canine friend busy and entertained. Get a few because dogs tend to get bored of their toys (just like human children). Unfortunately, dogs also chew their toys, which means they tend to get destroyed quite often too.
  • Grooming Supplies – Dog shampoo, towel, a brush or comb, nail clipper, wipes, ear and eye cleaning kit, hair clippers or scissors, dog toothpaste and toothbrush (yes! their teeth need brushing too)
  • Poop Bags – To clear the mess when your dog poops outside
  • Pee Pads – To minimize the mess in case of accidents
  • First Aid Supplies – To treat minor injuries and health problems at home. Make sure to include in it medications for seasonal allergies, ear infections, stomach aches, fleas and ticks treatment
  • Baby Gate – You may also need a baby gate to keep your doggo out of certain areas of the home, such as the kitchen or stairs.

These are all the basic supplies you will need to raise a pet. You may feel like you may not need some of them, but take our word for it; you really need them to make your pet’s life easier and develop a healthy relationship with your new family member. Remember, it’s you who have decided to bring a dog home, so it is your responsibility to provide them with a comfortable living.  

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