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Dog Training: How to Walk A Dog on a Leash


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Most dogs, irrespective of age, size, or lifestyle, need to be trained on how to walk on a leash. It would be best if you took your dog for walks to ensure it is healthy. If you don’t know how to walk it on a leash, it is essential to seek a dog trainer’s services. Fantastic leash skills are vital when you want to keep your dog safe. If you want to learn more about how to do it, here are crucial tips you should know. 

Sessions Should be Short

If you own an adult dog or a puppy who hasn’t been trained to walk on a leash, you should begin with short training sessions. When dealing with an untrained dog, the dog should be trained to walk on the handler’s left side. If you’re thinking about taking the dog to a sports event and thinking it will do well on the right, it will be your choice. However, it is always the best idea to train the dog to stay on one side if you don’t want unnecessary problems. 

Avoid Pulling

It would be best if you start by analyzing the dog’s behavior while on the leash. If the dog is a puller, you will have to wait until it stops pulling. You should be patient. The dog will eventually stop and look at you and begin to wonder why you’re not pulling it. When the dog stops misbehaving while on the leash, you should reward. Also, if the dog walks without causing issues, reward him every day. You will have to be alert so that the dog learns. When he is calm, you need to reward. If the dog starts pulling again, then stops and resumes walking calmly, you should reward him. 

The dog will form the habit of not pulling. If you own a constantly pulling dog while on the leash, you should persuade it that pulling will not get it rewarded. Always reward the dog when it walks calmly on the leash. If you are thinking about training an adult dog or puppy, make sure you use the “no forward progress” method to stop pulling. Ensure the dog knows that you will stop when he pulls. You will not continue walking with it. The dog will not see that you’ve stopped right away but will notice later that you have stopped. He will learn not to pull. When the dog is calm, stop, and reward, then continue walking. Make sure you only stop when the dog pulls. You need to continue with this method for several days, and most dogs will learn that pulling will make things harder for them. 

Train the Dog to Walk Without Wandering Off

The dog should also learn to stay on the left side while walking. If the dog keeps on wandering off or pulling, the walk will be unpleasant. Not only will you be at risk of injuring yourself, but the dog may also get injured. Make sure you train the dog not to keep pulling or running in circles. Keeping the dog’s leash short will make him not pull or leave. You will be in full control. If you don’t know what to do when you want to train the dog to walk on a leash, visit to find out more. 


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