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Dog Training: Obedience Training for Dogs


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To have the best overall experience with your dog or puppy, you should consider having it trained. Proper training should cover all essential aspects, such as dog obedience and socialization. Dog training should be done as soon as you bring your dog or puppy to your home. While there is a whole range of techniques you can use to train your dog, not all of them may be effective. 

How to Train Your Dog?

To get your dog to be obedient, ensure that you’re focusing on training techniques that easily foster obedience. There are 2 common training methods that reinforce obedience, and various dog training experts may favor one over the other for multiple reasons. 

  1. Aversive-Based Method

From the name, aversive dog training employs training methods that discourage particular unwanted behaviors in dogs. Some of the ways you can use to suppress the targeted behaviors include shaker cans, shock collars, bitter apple spray, to mention a few. It’s good to pay attention to your dog’s reaction to various aversive methods to know how effective they are on your dog and whether or not to stop. Some dogs may quickly get used to some aversive techniques, which is a cue to stop and consider other methods. It would be best if you were very careful on how you use aversiveness since it may encourage the dog to behave as desired only when you’re there but go right ahead after you’ve left. Aversive methods also don’t work well with timid dogs and may significantly affect your bond with them. 

  1. Reward-Based Method

Reward-Based dog training methods are also referred to as positive reinforcement training. Just as the name suggests, it involves rewarding or reinforcing good behavior while withdrawing the rewards and ignoring them when they act in unwanted ways. Some common rewards people use with this method include tasty treats, great social time, cuddles, games and toys, and many more. When choosing effective rewards, you should identify things your puppy or dog finds rewarding. One most significant advantage of reward-based training is the strong, loving bond developed between the dog and its owner. It also works impeccably well with almost all dogs and can address a range of behavioral changes, including fostering obedience, agility, and a range of other manners. 

Your training method of choice should be informed by the specific behaviors you want from your dog, among other factors unique to your dog. Dog training requires great patience and an understanding of the most effective techniques. Give it ample time as it learns various vital commands. It’s always advisable to engage professional dog trainers like us at Spectrum Canine Dog Training for the best, fast, and guaranteed results. Start the journey to train your dog to be obedient by visiting our website at today. Other than obedience, we offer a wide range of dog training services, including behavior modification, personal protection, group training, and many more. 

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