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Essential Tools You Require to Train Your Dog


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You’ve finally found the perfect dog to bring home. And, apart from making your house feel like the ideal home for your new dog or puppy, you want to teach him/her manners. Training your dog requires more than simple commands; you need essential training tools. These K9 training tools will help make your instructions understandable to the dog.

And, stocking up on them before your furry friend comes home can help make the transition easier for you and your dog. Here’s a list of the essential dog training tools you require in your arsenal.


It is a small device that makes a clicking sound every time you push a button. In dog training, a clicker is used to mark the desired behavior when the dog naturally does it and responds to a cue. The click sound helps to expedite training and make it more fun for your dog. While using a clicker may seem a little challenging initially, it gets easier for both of you.

But, once your dog gets the light bulb moment– a click after a good behavior–this tool becomes quite instrumental. Clickers come in different styles and shapes; therefore, ensure you choose one that suits your training requirements.


Rewards are an excellent way to keep your dog or puppy motivated and interested. Try to use the treat bag as much, as training doesn’t only happen once a day. By having the treat bag close by, you can continuously treat your dog throughout the day, whenever they do something good. However, make sure you choose treats that best suit your dog’s taste for it to work.

Also, treats should be small, almost the size of a blueberry or pencil eraser, as you wouldn’t want to make your dog overweight with too many treats.


Training leashes have an average length of between four to six feet. Ideally, longer leashes help give you a slight slack whenever your puppy stays close during walks. A longer leash also keeps you from being pulled tightly every time you take a walk. Another type of leash used for dog training is a waist-clip.

This type of leash gives you a hands-free approach during training sessions. Make sure you store the leash in easy-to-access areas around the house, as this will make it easier to grab them every time you go for a walk.

The Right Collar

Every dog owner can tell you how important it is for a dog to have the right collar. Apart from making identification easier, a collar also helps in dog training. However, ensure you also use a harness, as it makes guiding your dog’s movement easier. And, with better control, your dog can know where to go and which direction to follow.

Remember, training your dog is not a one-hour event. It requires lengthy engagement, and it’s essential to train your dog constantly. Make every moment a training moment and reward good behavior always. Also, bring along patience and have fun together. 

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