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Five Tips on Hiring a Great Canine Trainer


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All dogs are great dogs; however, not all dogs are well-trained pets. Some dogs bark when they hear the doorbell, while others pull on the leash when out for walks. Others hate the sight of other dogs or even children. So, how do you as a dog parent get your dog to behave the right way? The answer is hiring a professional canine trainer.

Through training, a canine instructor can help your dog build confidence, strengthen your bond, and stimulate them mentally. But, with all the trainers available today, how do you choose the right trainer for your dog? Here are five tips you can use.

Identify Your Training Goals

Before choosing the right dog trainer, you must first identify your dog training goals. Do you want loose-leash walking training, off-leash recalls, or essential command response? Once you identify your dog training goals, narrowing your search for a trainer is easier.

Look at the Credentials

Certification in any profession, even in the dog training industry, is essential. However, it’s important to remember that certification doesn’t guarantee expertise. Therefore, go for a trainer who has been in the industry for several years.

Like any other profession, the longer you train dogs, the better you become. So, based on your training goals, go for a trainer with years of experience in your area of interest. For instance, if your dog training goal is to deal with aggressiveness, you would be best suited with a trainer experienced in aggressive issues training.

Ask for References

If you still aren’t sure about your choice, you can always ask dog parents you know for references. You can also request a dog trainer you know for references, especially if they aren’t skilled in the particular training goal you require. In addition, look for testimonials on dog trainers’ websites. You can also use their Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube channel to assess their training skills.

Their Mode of Training

Another essential tip to finding the right canine instructor is their mode of training. Every trainer has a particular way of training. Some prefer working with dogs directly, while others work with the dog owner and dog. Others use positive reinforcement or the force-free method of training.

Before settling on any trainer, compare their training methods. Look at how each training strategy will affect your dog’s training goals, and go for one that best suits them.

Does the Trainer Offer Private or Group Classes?

Lastly, inquire if the trainers you have selected offer either group or private classes. Private classes will be the best option if your dog is new to training. Dogs are curious when around other pets, and being in a group class might be very distracting.

But, if your dog is learning how to co-exist with other dogs or pets, a group class should be something you can consider.

Training a dog is a balance between encouragement and patience. This is something Spectrum Canine Dog Training puts into their training sessions. To find out more about our training services, you can check out our website:

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