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Dogs love to be the center of attention. The way you pet your dog can make a world of difference and make you their favorite person. Unlike most other training, you do not need to enroll your dog in k9 training to get the hang of things. Although dogs are different and their preferences in terms of touch differ, some body parts are generally safe for petting regardless of the breed. Whether it’s your dog, your partner’s pet, or your host’s pet, follow the steps below to establish a great relationship through petting.

Start With Greeting

The first rule of petting is to never initiate contact with a dog that is not friendly. This rule is important for children and adults alike. Understandably, dogs can be cute and you may want to touch them all over; However, always watch out to see if the dog is interested in making contact. Instead of scaring the dog with sudden touch or cornering it, begin by inviting it for friendly contact. If the dog leaves its spot and comes to you, you have established an understanding. While calling on the dog, you may want to bend over slightly or pat your knees to avoid sending the wrong signal. Standing tall and hovering over the dog may be seen as a sign of domination or threat. While doing this, try to avoid eye contact. Some dogs interpret prolonged eye contact as a threat and can lash out if not trained.

Approach Petting With Care

After establishing a greeting and a willingness to be friendly, do not just jump on the dog. Instead, take a careful and calculated step by watching out for the tail wag. Also, give the dog some time to vet you by allowing it to sniff your body or extended arm. Doing this allows the dog to gather the relevant information that helps it decide whether it wants to be touched by you or not. If, after this examination, the dog backs away or acts weirdly, that’s a signal to halt your mission. However, if the dog becomes considerably loose and shows a willingness to play, you have been invited into the petting club. A dog that has given consent to be touched may also withdraw it if you do it wrong. However, one that enjoys your sense of understanding will actively seek you out whenever you are in the vicinity.

Know The Best Spots To Pet

Knowing the best spots to pet a dog can make or mar your relationship with it. Most dogs love to be petted on their chest; however, you won’t get to this point in the first minute. Usually, a dog will only offer to lay down and have its chest touched when it has established a bond with you. You can begin by touching areas like the ears, back of the neck, head – under the chin, base of the tail, and others. Be careful of dogs who do not like to be touched on the head or muzzle. Additionally, watch out for the areas that make the dog feel most relaxed. Learning the right way to pet your dog can boost your relationship with it. Learn more about dogs, dog training, and grooming at 

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