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Our fur babies are out-and-out cute. But it is also necessary to hire a dog trainer to keep them trained to make them more presentable for an awesome first impression that lasts. Every one of our canine companions is different. Naturally, their need and adaptability to canine training are different from each other.

We are Spectrum Canine, and we love our job of training Dogs. We offer puppy training, board and train, obedience, behavior modification, and more. Group and private training classes are available for any dog of any age and behavior specification. We are all geared up to inspire our furry friends to achieve the behavior goal you have set for the training procedure.

Step One

The training is started with a playing card that is bent in half or a third. We try to get the dog to touch the card with their mouth or the nose’s sniffer in the first step. We hold off rewarding them until he puts his mouth on the card instead of its nose. The dog will try to move the card with his mouth when he notices he is not given a treat when he touches the card with his nose. We then move to the second step when he starts to bite the card consistently.

Step Two

This step needs a mammoth amount of patience and time. In the second step, we drop the card in front of the dog. We then keep rewarding the dog for every touch with their mouth. Once the dog gets comfortable with this situation, we start rewarding him more selectively with the behaviors like biting, picking up, and placing the card in the trainer’s hand. 

Step Three

The third step is retrieving the card. We start by throwing the card further and further away from the dog. We reward the dog for bringing it back. When the dog becomes more accustomed, we then go to step four.

Step Four

We introduce new objects and more fun in this step. But, here, we need to give our fur balls some time to understand the new object as he may not immediately grasp the idea o0f what to do with it. We encourage them by offering more help and rewarding even smaller gestures. When more objects are introduced consistently, the dog will grasp the concept of retrieving even better.

Through observation, we have concluded that most dogs avoid picking up metal. So adding something that will encourage and inspire them is a good idea. We will continue to work with every aspect so that the canine under our training learns the concept of retrieving to the core. 

The training session can be a lot of fun for our fur babies. It can provide hours of entertainment for the dog. The sessions can be conducted indoors, especially when it is too hot to go outside for training. Keeping our fingers crossed, we are hoping to hear from you to lend a hand in training your dog. Visit us at so that we can take it forward from here.

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