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How to Become a Certified Dog Trainer?


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Are you looking to become a professional dog trainer?

Dog training can be both fun and daunting. There are tons of things to put into consideration before making your dream career come true.

Teaching a puppy or an adult canine to behave and act obediently is not a joke. It is something that needs ultimate patience and time.

The good news is that dogs are eager to learn when there is proper communication. However, many pet parents tend to seek assistance from dog trainers only when there is a problem.

Dealing with a canine pal suffering from separation anxiety or other issues tend to be stressful and challenging.

If you have the desire to become a certified dog trainer, then you have work to do. Keep in mind that happy endings are never guaranteed.

How to Become a Dog Trainer

The following are steps on how to become a certified dog trainer:

Start with Your Dog

This is the first route of the journey to becoming a professional dog trainer. Spending most of the time around your canine friend will help to build a regular training routine.

Training your canine friend with basic skills will help to hone your abilities. You will be expected to modify any problems behavior during the journey.

Dog training is a mechanical skill. Therefore, you need to develop a higher proficiency level with your dog before demonstrating on other dogs.

Gain Experience with Other Dogs

Training your dog is quite easy. Your canine pal will show affection and even forgive you in case of some mistakes.

Working with other dogs will help to polish your skills and practices. You can gain experience working in a local shelter or rescue organization due to access to many dogs.

The best option is getting an apprentice to a successful dog trainer. The trainer will help to monitor your techniques and also offer guidance for your development.

Educate Pet Parents to Train their Dogs

A successful dog training starts with training their parents. Shaping the abilities of pet parents will help to reinforce success.

Therefore, design a manual to train pet parents on how to train their dogs. Our canine friends are unique creatures. They are known to listen to their owners more than strangers.

Take a Course in Dog Training

Dog training is more of a science in animal behavior and learning. Forget about the myths and motivations around dogs.

Educating yourself about animal behavior and learning will spearhead an easy understanding of dog conditioning.

The good news is that there are plenty of dog training courses that can help build your knowledge and experience.

Get the Required Credential

Becoming a certified dog trainer after undertaking the course and experience is quite easy. You only need to acquire membership in a professional organization.

Joining the association of professional dog trainers will help to attract potential clients into your dog training business.

Besides that, membership in these groups will get you access to the latest information and courses for further training advancement.


The most beautiful thing about becoming a certified dog trainer is all about passion. However, you will be expected to have experience with animals and a course in dog training.

Keep in mind that the dog training field is quite dynamic. It would help if you kept learning through research to hone your dog training skills.

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