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How to Help Your Dog Relieve Stress


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How to Help Your Dog Relieve Stress 

It’s not surprising that our dogs often exhibit stress just as humans. These stress feelings can result from various things, including strangers in our homes, abandonment, loud noises, and being around other pets. However, unlike humans, dogs have no means of relieving such feelings and can only express them by displaying unusual behaviors like panting, shedding, intense barking, or prolonged yawning. If you find it challenging to identify stress in your dog, various dog training experts like canine training offer stress-relieving exercises for dogs.

These unusual stress-related behaviors can sometimes be intimidating to humans. So, it’s advisable to attend to your dog whenever they display any sign of distress. It would be best to ensure that you understand your dog to differentiate whether the behavior is stress-related or just regular yawning or barking. If stressed, you need ways to ease and relieve them from the stress. Here are essential tips to get you started.

Massage your Dog

Massaging your dog helps relieve tension and calm their anxiety. Anxiety causes typical muscle tension in dogs thus massaging helps ease this tension. To effectively massage your dog, use both hands, holding down the dog with one hand while the other performs the massage. You can start by massaging the neck area as you progress to other parts. Over time, strive to identify specific stressed muscles, then focus on them whenever the dog is stressed.

Exercise your Dog Often

Abandoning your dogs will most likely make them anxious and stressed. However, you can keep them engaged often by taking them out for random exercises. Physical activities are among prominent stress relievers, not only to humans but also to dogs. Just like massage, physical exercises considerably relieve muscle tension.
To exercise your dog, you can take them out for a typical nature walk or out for a game of fetch where you encourage your dog to go after an object, then reward them. After a successful fetch, repeat the process a few times for a thorough exercise.
Another great way is to let your dog destroy things that are not so important to you. You can use pieces of equipment, balls, and electronics as long as they don’t hurt your furry friend.

Play with Your Dog

Lastly, you can play “Tug-of-war” with your dog. It is a fun game for most people, and surprisingly dogs find it enjoyable. However, make sure you have some rules for the game like not playing the game with every object at their disposal. With rules, you can have a thoroughly engaging and fun game with your dog and guarantee the right amount of exercise for them.

Always Seek Expert Help

Remember, it is your duty as a dog owner to ensure your dog gets enough relief from stress. Always seek expert help whenever you cant relieve your dog from unnecessary barking, panting, and shedding. Check out for more tips on how to handle a stressed dog.

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