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How To Help Your Sick or Senior Pet Feel Better


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Whether you’re a seasoned or beginner dog keeper and parent, it’s hard seeing pain, illness, and any discomfort in your pet. Unlike teaching your dog commands, including dog obedience which helps the dog become an excellent pet that helps you in myriads of chores, keeping an eye on the pet’s health or helping them feel better prevents health deterioration and worse situations.

Encourage enough and healthy eating or drinking

A senior dog usually hates to eat mainly because of losing its appetite. When this happens, your dog loses weight, thus opening chances for myriads of infections, especially those caused by malnutrition. Malnutrition causes your dog to suffer from irritation, wound infections, hair loss, and skin redness. Your dog mostly experiences these problems without enough vitamins and minerals for healthy fur and skin. Additionally, while encouraging enough and healthy eating or drinking helps boost the dog’s health status, improper balancing of the foods and drinks you provide can also lead to health issues.  

Excessive and imbalanced sodium, potassium, phosphorus, and water lead to kidney problems. Lack of enough water leads to dehydration problems, leading to urinary infection. At the same time, when you overfeed your dog, you increase the odds of obesity which risks heart failure and other severe health problems. Therefore, when encouraging health and enough eating or drinking, balance the diet you give your dog. Ensure every meal contains a considerable amount of energy-giving foods, vitamins, minerals, and enough water. 

Also, consider giving warm food, especially more aromatic ones, to help arouse the dog’s salivary glands, thus boosting the pet’s appetite. Again, based on your dog’s sickness and older age situation, offer food and encourage eating by scratching them on the head or neck while feeding. Doing this helps create a bond that encourages the dog to feel that finishing the food or eating enough makes you happy.

Embrace extensive emotional and physical comfort

Besides boosting your dog’s health and wellbeing, emotional and physical comfort prevent and reduce the severity of dogs’ behavior, including excessive barking, licking, chewing, and other anxiety-related conditions. The same also helps your dog build confidence and trust regardless of the environment. In addition to building trust and confidence, keeping your dog engaged in physical activities reduces the chances of obesity. This is because obesity causes your dog to suffer risks of severe diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, and bone infection. Bone diseases affect your dog’s limbs, which negatively affect the dog’s entire ability to balance and walk, worsening and reducing longevity regardless of age and health status. To boost the dog’s comfort, provide a balanced diet and gently brush or comb the pet daily. Also, bath the dog to prevent urine and other irritation–causing elements from scalding the dog’s skin.

Exercise regular grooming and affection

Unlike physical training, where you involve your dog in different exercises and tasks for health benefits, grooming consists of keeping your dog’s nails trimmed, fur or hair brushed and taking regular baths. Grooming keeps the dog in good health by preventing skin problems such as bald patches, skin dryness, and dandruff. On the other hand, establishing affection involves cuddling your pet, brushing their belly gently, and brushing their fur and coat anytime you’re home and relaxing.

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