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How to Promote a Pet Training Business– A Brief Guide for Professional Dog Trainers


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If you’re a professional dog trainer, you likely got into this business due to your love for dogs and passion for helping them and their owners live happily with each other. Unfortunately, your love for dogs or your expertise alone won’t be enough when you have to run a successful dog training business. You have to market yourself too!

Top 3 Tips for Dog Trainers to Promote Their Business

To help you get started, we’re giving some highly useful tips to promote your dog training business and receive more clients:

1.      Formulate a Solid Digital Marketing Strategy

It is a well-known fact that digital marketing plays a key role in creating brand awareness and attracting customers. Therefore, your dog training business needs to have an online presence. Do you have a strong and effective digital marketing strategy for your dog training business?

Online businesses are very competitive, and you need to put your best foot forward to stand out from your competitors, attract and engage customers, and win their trust. To achieve these objectives, you need to adopt a comprehensive approach to marketing your business online. Having an SEO-optimized website is essential, but it’s not the only component of digital marketing. You should reach out to your customers in different ways. Your business needs to be present on relevant social media platforms. You also need to run lead generation campaigns using emails and online ads. Advertise your business on various platforms like social media websites and search result pages, and improve your search engine ranking by optimizing your website’s content.

Does all this sound too complex for you? We’re here to help! Canine Accelerator is a digital marketing company specifically created to help dog trainers build and implement a strong strategy to boost their business. Explore our website or get in touch with us to learn how to help grow your dog training business!

2.      Partner With Other Businesses

Many businesses choose to rely only on digital marketing to attract customers. When done right, digital marketing alone can help you win a good number of clients. Still, taking a broader approach to increasing your chances of success is wise. A great way to attract more dog owners to your training center is by partnering with other businesses in your area, both dog-related and non-pet ones, and advertising your offers on their premises. Your best options are pet-supply stores, dog shelters, and other dog-friendly businesses, be it a coffee shop or a restaurant. You can even partner with some reputable veterinarians and get referrals from them.

Marketing is an on-going process that’s essential to your business’s survival.

3.      Involve Your Existing Clients

Turn your existing clients into marketers by offering them rewards for referring you to their family and friends. This increases your word-of-mouth marketing and reduces customer acquisition costs because people who come to you through referrals are at a later stage of the buyer’s journey and often do not need much convincing.

Do Not Ever Stop Marketing Your Business!

Like it or hate it – marketing is not a one-time job. It’s an on-going process essential to your business’s survival. You can’t attract clients and win their trust if you’re not promoting your business effectively despite having amazing skills and providing great service.

We know that dog training is a challenging task, and that’s why we are here to offer you a helping hand. Let us take care of your marketing needs while you focus on giving dogs the best training. Contact us now to get a customized marketing strategy for your dog training business!

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