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Top Signs Your Dog Loves You


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Having a dog gives you one of the best feelings in the world. Dogs are man’s best friends because they love unconditionally. If you don’t already know that your dog loves you, several pointers can confirm it. Whether you have enrolled your pet for dog training or not, below are some of the commonest ways to identify the shared bond between you and your dog:

Making Eye Contact

Humans make eye contact for many reasons. Sometimes, eye contact may be an acknowledgment of what has been said or left unsaid. In some cases, it means that attention is being paid to the subject of the discussion. But in the dog world, there is a whole different meaning to that eye contact you enjoy. When dogs lock eyes with each other, it is often a contest for authority or power. It can sometimes be seen as a challenge or a sign of aggressiveness. However, when they lock eyes with humans, it’s often a sign of affection. If you have noticed your dog locking eyes with you while being relaxed and showing its teeth in a friendly manner, it means it is happy to be around you.

Positive Reaction to Your Voice

Dogs have a keen sense of hearing and smell. They can sense your presence in an area long before you appear in person. If your dog hears the sound of your voice and reacts positively to it, then you have your confirmation. Usually, dogs scared of specific humans scamper to safety or rush to hide when they sense their presence in an area. But when they genuinely love you, you can expect them to be excited by your presence in the same space they are in.

They Like Your Scent

Dogs have powerful noses. They are familiar with your scent, and it activates their reward center, thus associating you with good things and treats. In a neuroscientist’s study, trained dogs entered an MRI machine unsedated and willingly for their brains to be scanned. The scan took place while they took a whiff of different people. The scan result showed that each dog’s caudate lit up significantly when they whiffed at someone they knew. This response could be associated with love and affection from dogs towards their humans.

Tail Wagging

Tail wagging among dogs tells many things. When the tail wagging is almost full-bodied, continuous, and happy, your dog is unequivocally in love with you and ready to play. However, other tail wags may mean something else. For example, if the tail is held high and at alert, it may mean that the dog is suspicious of you and almost ready to attack. In a study by an Italian neuroscientist, dogs that wag their tails more to the right side of their rear are excited about a person or item.


Snuggling among humans is a sign of love, comfort, and attraction. The same goes for dogs. When your dog comes over to snuggle, it is telling you that it feels most safe in your presence and wants to be closer to you. Cuddling can also grow your existing bond with your dog. In some cases, your dog may hop on your lap or snuggle close to your feet; these are all signs of affection.

Learning more about your dog’s behavior can help you understand them better and improve your communication. Dog training has also proven to be an active way to improve communication. If you wish to hire a dog trainer or learn more about dog training, visit 

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